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Le Plessis Thilouze

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Château du Plessis

Loire Valley

"Château du Plessis" is surrounded by a nineteen acre park. Originally built in the 15th century, the Château was expanded in the 19th century, and then enlarged, restored and completely renovated in the 21st century.

Le Plessis is centrally located in the Loire Valley near the city of Tours. The high-quality of the appointments, the modern convenience, the scrupulous attention to details, and the superb level of comfort establish the Château's charm.

Majestic wrought iron gates welcome the visitors. A long alley lined with centennial chestnut and linden trees leads to the château.

Colorful flower beds ornate the park's majestic lawns. Biscotte & Croquette, the two pygmy goats, guard the entrance of peaceful woods with one mile of walking trails.

An elegant terrace wraps around the sunroom with access to the sun drenched terraced swimming pool. It all contributes to a perfect indoor-outdoor living environment and an ideal vacation haven for families and friends.

Four bedrooms appointed with fine furniture and fabrics are luxurious and comfortable. The large country kitchen is up to date with every modern conveniences. The formal dining and living rooms, each with wooden beamed ceilings and massive fireplaces, blend traditional elegance with modern comfort.

Just south of Tours, near the town of Saché favored by Balzac, "Château du Plessis" is the perfect home base for a Loire Valley visit. Explore the numerous Royal Renaissance Châteaux, walk through the forests, canoe along the peaceful rivers, bicycle along uncrowded country roads, eat in delightful restaurants, and drink the superb Loire Valley wines. At the end of the day sip a glass of wine on the terrace after a refreshing dip in the pool.


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Biscotte & Croquette

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